Washable Gown (Water Repellent) - 50 Pack ($34.99/gown)

$1,749 USD $2,500 USD

Your order comes with 50 Water Repellent Gowns.

  • Pays for itself in 5 washes
  • Water Repellent: Specially treated fabric repels fluids. Water beads on the fabric.
  • Breathable: Made out of breathable material to combat perspiration. Will keep you and your staff cool!
  • Ergonomic Protection: Elastic cuffs to provide a snug fit under gloves.
  • Tie back closure around from neck to waist to provide superior strength and coverage.
  • Durable polyester/cotton blend withstands over 75+ washes, giving you a cost effective alternative to disposable gowns
  • Infused with a propriety dye blend designed for ultra-high temperature sanitation cycle washes and resistance to bleach

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