Loupe Shield Starter Pack

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Rated #1 by Dental Advisor
Rated #1 by Dental Town


• Anti-fog coating actively prevents your shield from fogging, giving you clarity all day long

• Fully adjustable head strap makes it easy for you to get the perfect fit, giving you the comfort you deserve.

• Flippable visor gives you the ability to take a breath of fresh air between procedures

• Closed-cell memory foam cushion helps prevent germs, giving you more flexibility for extended use

• 10X more shields ($0.99/shield vs $10/shield). Ultra-low cost shield replacements save you money over time

• Fully Cleanable Visor free from Velcro, Sponges and Cloth strings - making it simple to clean

Built in ear-savers relieve your ears from wearing a mask all day 


• Shield Dimensions: 14” X 8”


• In stock now. Ships within 24-48 hours.

*Patent Pending

The Ultralight Optics Loupe Face Shield is designed to fit over all loupes and headlights (5.0X loupes are seen in the photos above and below). If you have Orascoptic XV1, Spark, or Flip-Up Loupes, please consider a shield visor extender with your order.

The unique design of the visor gives you the flexibility of wearing your headlight directly on your eyewear or on the shield itself: