Washable Gown - 50 Pack ($27.00/gown)

$1,350 USD $1,500 USD

Your order comes with 50 Washable Gowns. Mask and head cover not included.

Pays for itself in 5 washes

• Durable polyester/cotton blend withstands over 75+ washes, giving you a cost effective alternative to disposable gowns

• Infused with a propriety dye blend designed for ultra-high temprature sanitation cycle washes and resistance to bleach

• Ergonomically engineered pockets are perfect for headlight battery packs and other essentials

• Short back ties prevent tangling in wash cycle

Please check your sizing with the chart below as we do not accept returns on PPE

Material: 35% Cotton, 65% Polyester

*Gowns must be properly washed in the sanitary wash cycle. Proper disinfecting washing procedure is required. Must wash after each patient

Ships out in less than 24-72 business days

There are no returns on PPE: Washable Gown