Full Coverage (with CLOTH shield) Shield Replacement Set - 10 Sets

$19.95 USD $35 USD

Item#: 30-ShieldFULL

What’s Included:

10 Sets of Full Coverage (Front +Bottom Cloth) Replacement Shields

For use with startup kits and visors, visor sold separately. 

Ideal for anyone who needs full coverage with additional protection. Shields now help cover top, front, bottom from direct sprays with additional cloth for extra neck protection that tucks securely into collar of your shirt.

The Ultralight Optics Loupe Shield is the most versatile shield.  We have multiple different Shield Replacement options that include many sizes, and shapes to suit your specific needs.  Replacement shields are compatible with Ultralight Loupe Shield visors.  


Ships out in 24-48 hours. In stock now.

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