Feather Light LED weighs only 0.13 oz, while the next lightest LED Headlight weighs 0.5 oz. This makes our light the only headlight that you can comfortably wear the entire day. Many of the other lights will feel “ok to wear” when you try it on for only 2 minutes at the booth. However, these heavier lights become a burden when you must wear them all day.

Q: What makes your light better than other loupe lights?
A: Our light weighs only 0.13 oz (3g) and designed to be the lightest and smallest on the market. The next lightest light weights 0.5 oz.

Q: Why would I need a portable headlight when I have an overhead light?
A: If you can see it, you can do it. As practicing dentists ourselves, we understand that having a shadow free, well lit work field enables us to work more efficiently and provide higher quality work. You will never second guess a margin, or struggle with not having proper lighting from indirect vision ever again.

Q: Does 3,600 foot candles provide enough brightness?
A: We have conducted studies with an ophthalmologist to see what the optimum brightness should be. Our ophthalmologist has concluded that 2,200 foot candles is the most comfortable brightness for clinicians. When the intensity of the light is too high, retinal fatigue will occur. That is also why we have a fully adjustable dimming knob with Feather Light.

Q: Are there replaceable light bulbs?
A: While conventional halogen bulbs have filaments that can break, our solid state LED lights are rated to last 50,000 hours. It will practically last you forever.

Q: If I am not fully satisfied with the light, can I get a full refund?
A: Of course! We have the best warranty and return policy. It’s as easy as returning it within 45 days of receiving the light.

Q: Can the composite filter be removed if it is not in use?
A: Yes, our advanced composite filter design has a strong friction grip that allows you to both remove the filter when you don’t need it and flip it up within a procedure. Other filters must be permanently screwed on and are bulky.

Q: How important is the size and weight of the light?
A: Unlike other larger loupe lights, our tiny loupe light won’t block your vision. The weight of the loupe light is the most important factor in determining comfort. Your loupes are already heavy enough. Having a Feather Light prevents your loupes from sagging and causing sensitivity on your nose. Most clinicians don’t even notice that the Feather Light is there because it is more than 3x lighter than other loupe lights.