Extra Thick and Reusable Front Face Shield Replacements

$39.95 USD $49 USD
10 Shields $39.95
20 Shields $75.95
30 Shields $109.95
50 Shields $174.95


Item#: 30-ShieldThick10, 30-ShieldThick20, 30-ShieldThick30, 30-ShieldThick50

Extra-Thick and Reusable Faceshield. 

4x stronger and more dent resistant than disposable front shields.   

Re-useable and wipeable shield replacements.

Designed to achieve the optimum thickness to be durable and prevent most dings, yet not too thick so your shield remains light weight and comfortable.  

This item comes with Extra Thick replacement front shields for the Ultralight Optics Visor. If this is your first time purchasing, we recommend a Starter Pack.


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