FDA Authorized KN95 Mask

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30 Pack ($3.95/Mask) $118.50
50 Pack ($3.85/mask) $192.50
100 Pack ($3.79/Mask) $379.00
200 Pack ($3.69/Mask) $738.00


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These CDC/FDA AUTHORIZED KN95 masks.  They have been on the original lists since April of 2020 and was one of the rare masks that stayed on the list after the list change.

KN95 GB-2626-2006 certification is the Chinese version to the Niosh N95 certification. The short supply of N95 masks has allowed the FDA to approve the use of KN95 masks for use to help protect and filter against Corona viruses.   

FDA Authorized list below:

Search for: "Guangzhou Harley Commodity Company Limited


Use masks in accordance to your current local and federal recommendations only.  It is your responsibility to do your part to limit the spread of Covid19.  

Due to Covid, there are no returns on PPE: Masks