AirBlade AirMirror (4 sets)

$495 USD
Engineered and designed by dentists for dentists.
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Do you struggle with water droplets on your mouth mirror when working on maxillary molars? How many times do you have to wait for your assistant to clean your mirror before you can continue prepping, slowing down your prep time?

Airblade Air Mirror lets you control powerful jets of air to blow water droplets off the surface of your mirror, allowing you to work continuously and interruption-free!  Always have a crystal clear mirror, always.
  • 4x Replaceable Mirror Heads
  • 4x handles
  • 2x 8' tubes
  • 2x Quick Disconnect


Light Weight, Comfortable, and Durable:

  • Made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy for the perfect balance of strength and ultra-light weight
  • 35% lighter than regular mouth mirrors (Airblade: 0.73 oz, regular mirror: 1.1 oz)

Quick and Easy Setup

  • Adapts to ALL airport sizes
  • Quick insertion & quick disconnect
  • Easily replaceable and removable mirror heads
  • Fully sterilizable
  • Fully adjustable valve
Clinically Proven to Increase Productivity by 20%
    • Interruption-free, no slow downs
    • Automatically blows water droplets off the mirror for continuous prepping without stopping to have assistant blow air