Why Do You Love Dentistry?

Dentistry is a dynamic health profession. It offers opportunities for a highly respected and successful long-term career. Most importantly, the dental profession contributes to educating and treating members of the community. See why dental professionals love their job. 

Katelin Johnson, RDH

"Being a dental hygienist is very rewarding in many ways. I love being able to educate people and improve their health. Over the years I have formed many relationships and learned so much from my patients. I love being able to make a difference in a happy low risk atmosphere."

Benjamin Pham, DMD

"Two aspects of dentistry influence me to work every day. The first is the change or influence we can have on a child’s perception of the dental experience. The second is the flexibility we offer patients to help them get quality long term dental care for their families. My career is very fulfilling because of the relationships with families I have made and it makes me look forward to years ahead watching children grow up."

Paige Sago, RDH

"Being a dental hygienist gives me the opportunity to better educate my patient so they are able to properly understand better home care techniques. One of my favorite procedures is scaling and root planing because it is very rewarding. I am able to remove sub-gingival debris and assist a patient with reaching their optimal health care status. I also love to place sealants because they are a great preventive service to protect teeth from developing cavities."

Eva Peikidis, DDS

"My favorite part about being an orthodontist is seeing the end result after a two year long treatment. Showing my patients their before and after treatment photos is the most rewarding part. They can’t believe how far their treatment has come and are always so happy to see the results. I also really enjoy building relationships with my patients and seeing them on a monthly basis."

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