5 Tips for a Pleasant Patient Experience

It is always the goal of a dental practice to provide high quality care, but also to offer an environment that understands your patients needs, whether it be flexible hours or affordable treatment plans. It is especially important during times like the COVID-19 pandemic to provide exceptional care where patients understand you are about their utmost safety. 

Here are some tips to help make a patient's experience comfortable and to make a long lasting, positive impression. 

1. Streamline Appointments and Patient forms

Digital communication, such as DentalDate, and online forms help remind patients to schedule their appointment and avoid the hassle of longer wait times. Patients will appreciate you respecting their time and being proactive. Shorter wait times allow for better social distancing between patients and less stress waiting for the dentist. 

 2. Shared Dental Vision

Your primary goals are your patient’s oral health. However, your patient may be simply concerned with cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening or minor teeth straightening. While it is important to educate and treat their dental needs, it's also imperative to address their concerns. By having a shared dental vision with your patient, they will fully entrust you and be more optimistic about taking your professional advice. 

 3. Stay Modernized

Outdated dental offices are a thing of the past. To survive in today’s climate, you must keep up with advanced dental technology, meaning your office should be digitally friendly. Digital dentistry is multi-faceted, offering various benefits to both dentists and patients. Digital x-rays and 3-D ConeBeam technology allow for instant information to the patient, while digital scanners help prevent those uncomfortable plaster impressions. CAD/CAM restorations help avoid multiple dental visits during the pandemic. By offering advanced technology, it creates a greener practice and motivates patients to refer and return. 

4. Create a Relaxing and Patient Friendly Environment

Not every person loves coming to the dentist. The sterile smell, the sounds of hand pieces and drills; it can be very overwhelming for a nervous patient, especially during such trying times. To keep their experience positive and relaxed, offer calming music, complimentary WiFi, beverages, and a blanket.

5. Engage with Patients Beyond their Dental Care

Patients appreciate when you can remember details about their families, job, or hobbies. It shows you made a connection with the patient and were not just concerned with the clinical exam, but the "whole person.” Asking your patient how they are coping during the pandemic shows you care about their well-being.

By Dr. Anand, DDS | ultralightblogs@gmail.com

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