3 Tips to Convert Website Visitors Into New Patients

Why aren’t my website visitors scheduling appointments?

I’ve spoken to thousands of dental practice owners over the past ten years, and this is one of the most common questions I get. Some of these doctors have paid over $50,000 for their website. Even though many of these websites look aesthetically appealing, they still struggle to get new patients.

The problem is that most web developers lack the knowledge of creating a website that converts users into new patients. To combat this, I’ve seen practice owners increase their ad spend to get more users to their web site. Even though this can work, it fails to address the fundamental problem of poor website optimization.

I wanted to give you three actionable tips that you can quickly implement to start converting more website visitors to new patients.

1) Make Sure Your Mobile Website is User-Friendly

For dental practice websites, the distribution between mobile and desktop users is about 50%-50%. If you only look at the desktop version of your website, you are alienating about half your visitors. When looking at the mobile version of your website, ask yourself:

“Is it easy for someone to contact my practice and make an appointment?”

If it takes more than a few clicks to schedule an appointment, you have some work to do.

2) Optimize the Size of Your Images and Videos

I’ve seen doctors spend thousands of dollars on a video for their homepage, only to have it not load for most users. Make sure you or your web developer continuously test load speed and compress images and videos where necessary. You need to make sure your website loads quickly as intended.

3) Utilize Reviews and Testimonials Near the Top of the Page

I often see websites that bury reviews somewhere on the bottom of the page. Most users have a short attention span, so you need to make sure relevant information is near the top of the page.

Here’s the caveat: only do this if you are trying to acquire new patients. If the goal is to maximize lifetime value of your existing patients, you should be highlighting your next most valuable service.

If one of your goals is to acquire new patients for your practice, making these simple changes is well worth the time and cost. If you are already spending money on ads, these changes are even more important.  

If you would like some detailed suggestions on how to improve your website, you can schedule a free call with my agency – Patient Honey. If you’re an Ultralight Optics Customer, you can even get your new website made for FREE (for a limited time).

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