Affiliate Guide

In this blog we will share our top 3 tips for increasing your affiliate earnings. Let the adventure begin!

1. Be Connected! 

Who is your target audience? In your case it's dental professionals or anyone who utilizes PPE. Just wearing your PPE or Ultralight product at work is a great conversation starter and a effortless way to promote your discount code. 

Want to reach a bigger audience? Create social channels! Now days, it's common for medical professionals to share their tips and work life on their  social feeds. To name a few, we recommend checking out Instagram and TikTok. 

2. Utilize Your Social Sites to their Full Potential!

There's so many ways to promote your affiliate code on your social sites. Let's use Instagram as an example:

It's important to maximize the viewing potential of your affiliate code. In the example above, the profile page includes the discount code in both the bio section and the story highlight. Don't forget to add the Ultralight website link so that your audience can easily purchase with your discount code. Whichever social site you choose to utilize, be sure that you maximize the viewing ability of your affiliate code.

3. Have Fun!

This is the most important part! Being part of our affiliate program is a great way to share the Ultralight products you love while getting some additional income! Have fun creating Instagram stories on your favorite product features and let your inner creative side sparkle. 

Let us know your recommendations and if would like more content on affiliate tips on the comment section below!

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