AirBlade AirMirror


AirBlade AirMirror™

Designed by dentists, for dentists.

AirBlade AirMirror™ provides you with a crystal clear mirror when you need it most.  It has been engineered to be lightweight, quick to set-up and easy to use. Try AirBlade AirMirror™ and change the way you see.

Unique Design.

Lightweight, comfortable and durable.

Made of Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy, AirBlade AirMirror™ gives you the perfect balance of strength and ultralight weight.  For ease of use, airflow strength is controlled by a comfortable finger knob. By automatically blowing water droplets off your mirror, you save time and achieve continuous prepping without stopping or having your assistant blow air.  This mirror is designed to be 35% lighter than most regular mouth mirrors.  (Airblade:0.73 oz, Regular mirror: 1.1oz)


Simple Set Up

Quick and easy to use.

AirBlade AirMirror™ is easy to use by attaching to any quick-disconnect air supply port.  We have ALL airport sizes options for your convenience.  An easy T-line option is available for those units without an air supply port.  Just ask and we will be happy to assist.


Replaceable. Autoclavable.

Quickly replace and remove your mirror head.

Mirror handle and mirror head can be fully sterilized and autoclaved.  Your kit comes with four mirrors, four handles and 2 quick disconnects.  We offer a risk free 45-day trial period, allowing you to try with full confidence.

replaceable mirror


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